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Managing your scars

After injury or surgery, the skin and surrounding soft tissue undergo an intricate process of wound healing and tissue repair. The end result of the wound healing and repair is the formation of scar tissue. In some people, depending on their skin type, scars can become thick, red and raised, and on occasion, can stick to tissues underneath the skin and hence limit movement. Scars can also impact upon the sensation of the area affected, causing it to be numb or overly sensitive.

There are many treatment techniques used to combat the cosmetic appearance and impact of scar formation, as well as address impaired sensation. Occupational therapists are skilled in assessing and prescribing scar management strategies. Some of these include compression, the use of silicon products, massage, and desensitisation techniques.

Silicon products

If you have a scar that bothers you, is overly sensitive or limits movement, the occupational therapists at Mater Health and Wellness may be able to assist you. Please phone 07 3163 6000 to make an appointment or for further information.


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