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Nutrition for new mums

It is important to make good food choices as a new mum. If you are breastfeeding you will need extra nutrients and more food from certain food groups. If you are not breastfeeding, healthy eating is still important for enough energy to look after your growing baby.

When we talked to our mums at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals they told us they want more than just information about what to eat after having a baby. Women said they wanted practical advice and activities to help them balance being a mum, eating well, breastfeeding, and managing their weight. In response, we have designed a special wellness program to meet the needs of new mums.

How does the ‘Nutrition for New Mums’ wellness program work?

This program is designed to extend usual dietary advice with:

  • a sample meal plan to show you how it all fits together

  • diet tracker and personalised goal setting to help you adapt guidelines to your food preferences and habits, and

  • advice and ideas from new mums that help them adapt to having a new baby at home

What is covered in the ‘Nutrition for New Mums’ wellness program?

1. When ‘Go for 2&5’ changes to ‘Go for 5&7’. How many serves of fruit and vegetables do you need? Find this out, as well as the amounts of other foods you need as a new mum.

2. “I thought you always lost weight when you breastfed?” Find out why your weight loss might not be at a rate you expected and simple techniques to help get you back on track.

3. Self-monitoring and goal setting – a step by step guide to change diet and exercise patterns.

4. “I wish I knew that before I had my baby….” - tips from new mums about what they learnt in the first few months after giving birth to balance being a mum with their own needs.

5. Why is breastfeeding important? What are my options if I do not breastfeed?

6. Being active after having a baby.

How can a Mater Health and Wellness dietitian help me?

Our specialist maternal health dietitians will work with you to:

  • plan your dietary needs,

  • compare how you are going with what is recommended for good health, and

  • decrease your chance of not losing your ‘baby’ weight.

We will review your needs and interests, tailoring information to your lifestyle and preferences. Dietitians are trained to take a key role in assisting women to maximise their nutrition during times of increase needs. From breastfeeding to sleep-deprived, low energy days, dietitians are skilled in fitting your needs around your situation.

Here at Mater Health and Wellness, specialist women’s health dietitians are able to support you to achieve your nutrition goals at this exciting time in your life. Please phone 07 3163 6000 to make an appointment with a Mater Health and Wellness dietitian to help you achieve your goals.


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