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Top 5 one handed techniques – from your friendly occupational therapist

Have you had a hand injury that makes it hard to complete one handed activities? Have you suffered a stroke which prevents you from using both arms? Here is a list of one handed techniques to give you a helping hand.

  1. Buttering bread: Use a buttering board with non-slip mat underneath to hold the bread steady. If you have trouble gripping onto your knife because you cannot make a fist to grip the handle, try foam or rubber built up handle. There is also a variety of adaptive equipment available that can be of assistance for kitchen tasks.
  2. Hanging up the washing: Lower the washing line or use a clothes horse, place an item over the washing line and then attach pegs. Alternatively, put the pegs on to the clothes first and then place over the washing line. Finally, raise the line. Using a clothes drier may also be a convenient alternative.
  3. Putting toothpaste on a toothbrush: Put toothbrush on a hard surface with the bristles pointing up, and then put toothpaste on it. Alternatively, hold the toothbrush handle in the mouth then put toothpaste on it with the unaffected hand. Flip top lids or pump action toothpaste dispensers may be easier than screw tops.
  4. Writing: Use a paper weight or heavy object to hold the paper in place or try using a tear off lecture pad. Place non slip matting underneath to stabilise the note pad.
  5. Holding playing cards: Try using a scrubbing brush or a flat backed hairbrush with the bristles facing up. Place the cards in the bristles of the brush.

If you find these suggestions useful and are interested in finding out more, why not make an appointment to see one of the occupational therapists at Mater Health and Wellness? Please phone 07 3163 6000 to make an appointment.

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