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Wake Up Dry

This condition is thought to affect 10 per cent of six year olds, around 5 per cent of 10 year olds and 0.5 to 1 per cent of teenagers and young adults. Its scientific name is nocturnal enuresis. The three main causes of nocturnal enuresis are listed in the diagram below. It is common for sufferers to have a combination of these causes.

Although there are no serious medical risks associated with bedwetting, the psychological consequences of untreated nocturnal enuresis can be significant. Conservative management, specifically alarm therapy, is the recommended first line treatment for this condition. Alarm therapy has been shown to have up to a 90 per cent success rate and this rate can be improved if combined with behavioural therapies.

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Mater Health and Wellness is now offering a Wake Up Dry bedwetting support program to assist children and their families to effectively use the alarm and become dry at night.  Experienced physiotherapists will provide a 12 week program offering education and advice about the causes of this condition and an individually prescribed treatment program to suit the child and their family.

To be eligible for this program the child must be six years or older, be motivated to get dry and have no daytime incontinence.

To make a booking or for further information please contact Mater Health and Wellness on 07 3163 6000.


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