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Your Feet Affect Your Life

When your feet are uncomfortable, aching, painful or injured, it is difficult to get to and move around work, complete tasks at home, and participate in activities you enjoy. Your whole life becomes affected!

Unresolved feet problems can create additional pain or issues elsewhere

Unfortunately, having an ongoing issue with your feet can also create pain or problems in the lower limbs and back. Sometimes, you may not even experience foot pain, but your feet could be causing or contributing to your ankle, leg, knee, hip, or lower back pain.

Lower limb and foot pain are usually caused by a combination of risk factors

Risk factors include high body mass index (BMI), prolonged standing and walking, unsuitable or ill-fitting footwear, your foot structure and function, and the way you walk.

For example, someone with a high BMI is at high risk of injury due to additional pressure and load on their feet and lower limbs. Similarly, if your work requires standing for long periods, lots of walking or manual labour, this puts additional strain on your feet and legs.

However, someone who has always been more sedentary can also experience foot pain with a sudden change or increase in activity levels. All these risk factors are aggravated if you also aren’t wearing suitable footwear as shoes make a massive difference to injury prevention and even pain management. Lastly, your walking pattern, foot structure and function can not only cause foot pain, but can cause or contribute to pain elsewhere such as your ankles, legs, knees, hips and back.

Podiatrists can determine your possible risk factors and provide early identification to help ease foot & lower limb pain.

A podiatrist can provide a biomechanical consultation to determine possible risk factors that may be causing or that may cause future pain in the lower limbs. This includes an assessment of your foot structure and function, walking pattern, and footwear.

Based on your assessment findings, the podiatrist will provide recommendations and treatments to relieve foot-related pain and discomfort.

Pain-relief podiatry treatments including certified dry needling of the foot, ankle & leg

A podiatrist will address your risk factors through various treatments aimed at pain relief and management. Treatment options include a foot/ankle strapping, in-shoe padding, orthotics, specialised dry needling and manual therapies, exercises, footwear advice etc.

In cases where you may have foot-related knee, hip or lower back pain, our podiatrist can also work closely with our physiotherapy team to provide a comprehensive treatment.

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