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Below are the Health and Wellness Clinic articles that have appeared in various Mater publications.

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Is all sugar bad?

Sugar has become public enemy #1 in Australia. In our effort to consume less saturated fat we’ve often turned to low fat foods that can actually be loaded with sugar.

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Going against the grain – What are you missing out on if you go grain-free in pregnancy?

Grain foods have received a lot of unfavourable attention recently.  Many popular diets label them ‘high carb’ or ‘unhealthy’ and promote removing them from our diet. However, there is very little evidence that going grain-free will be anything but troublesome. In fact, it may even be detrimental to our health. Read on to find out why grains are important, particularly when we are pregnant.

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Pregnancy weight gain – why just setting a number is the wrong conversation

Weight gain in pregnancy – it’s a hotly debated topic. Whether we post about it on our Mater Mothers’ Facebook page or discuss it with our antenatal clinic staff we get some strong opinions and concerns. 

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Five things you probably don’t know about the growth and nutrition of your baby

It is common for babies to lose up to ten percent of their birth weight in the first week of life. Babies often take the first 14days or 2weeks of life to regain the weight lost and return to their birth weight. If your baby has not returned to their birth weight by three weeks of age you should seek advice from a professional.

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Is niacin the new pregnancy wonder drug?

If you have been watching the news or reading social media lately you may have heard all about the amazing new study about the benefits of niacin or vitamin B3 in pregnancy. 

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