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Below are the Health and Wellness Clinic articles that have appeared in various Mater publications.

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How does hearing loss affect your quality of life?

Hearing and quality of life are closely linked. Poor hearing affects both the person with the loss and those with whom they communicate.

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The Mater Personalised Pregnancy Weight Tracker©: taking the guesswork out of healthy pregnancy weight gain

The Mater Personalised Pregnancy Weight Tracker© is an evidence-based resource developed to support healthy lifestyles during pregnancy. 

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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week

This week (30 July to 5 August 2014) is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week. Cerebral palsy or CP is a physical condition that primarily affects movement. A child is born with cerebral palsy every 18 hours in Australia.

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Let’s Go with Toileting!

Most children gain full control over their bowel functions between the ages of two and five years. Toileting, however, can be both stressful and embarrassing for both children and parents when issues persist beyond this age. Without appropriate attention to constipation, this condition can have a medical impact on the child’s digestive system and influence future toileting behaviours.

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Hearing Loss and Audiology

One-in-six Australians have a hearing loss; for some the loss may be temporary but for others the loss may be permanent.

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