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Occupational Therapy

Hand Injuries and Scar Management

Has your child hurt their arm or hand?

Has your child hurt themselves and you wonder if they are going to be left with a bad scar?

Does your child have difficulty doing what they want to do? For example drawing or playing games because of pain, deformity, or a diagnosed condition?

Does your baby/child have hands that are hard to clean because they are tightly closed?

Is your child complaining of pain in their hands?

We may be able to help…

Mater Health and Wellness experienced paediatric occupational therapists have specialist skills in the niche area of hand therapy as well as a love of working with children. This means you and your child are able to receive treatment that is age appropriate, evidence based and in line with best practice guidelines.

Services provided:

  • Developmentally targeted interventions. We will work with you to help your child understand their injury/condition and what they can do to help it get better or to prevent it from getting worse.
  • We listen to what your child needs to do, or wants to do, and we problem solve with you ways to help them succeed in activities.
  • We make a variety of splints: both static and dynamic for a range of presentations including but not limited to functional splints, protective splints after surgery, resting splints and corrective splints.
  • We offer initial and ongoing assessment of hand conditions and function. We always consider what is developmentally appropriate for children.
  • Hands-on treatment.
  • Customised exercise programs and home management plans.
  • Scar management.
  • Wound management in conjunction with nursing and medical staff.
  • Consideration of how pain may be influencing your child’s hand use.
  • Desensitisation/sensory re-education.
  • Strengthening programs.
  • Oedema management (prescription of compression garments and gloves).
  • Discussion about and prescription of aids/equipment that may help your child succeed in tasks.

Management of:

  • Wrist, hand and finger fractures for splinting and rehabilitation. 
  • Congenital conditions and promotion of enhanced functional use.
  • Management of scar tissue and swelling. 
  • Syndactyly. 
  • Tendon, nerve, fracture and ligament repairs.
  • Shaping post amputations.
  • Skin grafts/flaps. 
  • Acute hand and upper limb trauma.

Help with symptom management in chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and other chronic pain conditions.

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