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NEW! - Sports Nutrition

Nutrition for Optimal Sports Performance

Mater Health and Wellness now offers individual consultations in sports nutrition. Whether you are a champion athlete or weekend warrior, sporting performance and training can always be enhanced with optimal nutrition. Renee Krikowa, an Accredited Practising Dietitian and member of Sports Dietitians Australia, specialises in providing nutrition guidance and advice to help you reach your optimal sports performance goals. Renee can assist with individualised nutrition advice for both training and competition as well as information on:

  • Body Composition: Anthropometric profiling including baseline skin fold measurements of eight body sites, relative body fat percentage, somatotyping and proportionality. Renee is a qualified anthropometrist with a Level 1 ISAK accreditation.
  • Increasing Muscle Mass: Learn what foods to eat to promote muscle growth and muscle repair and maximise training outcomes with an eating plan that is individualised to your goals.
  • Athletes with special nutritional requirements: Meet your nutritional requirements for all levels of training whilst meeting your individualised dietary needs for conditions such as coeliac disease, iron deficiency, diabetes.
  • Training and race day nutritional requirements: Assistance in matching your training schedule with your nutritional needs, race day preparation and post race recovery meal plans to reach your performance goals.
  • Getting prepared for your first sports event: Get started with the right advice and dietary information for novice athletes.

Peak Performance Package

The complete peak performance package including anthropometric profiling, dietary review and specialised meal plans - $320

Be one of the first to book in September and receive a 15% discount—only $272!


  • Session 1: Baseline anthropometric profile and results—1 hour consult plus anthropometric profile report.
  • Session 2: Dietary review and provision of individualised meal plans—1 hour consult plus specialised meal plans developed for your training schedule and race day plans.
  • Session 3: Progress Review—30 minute consult and fine tuning for your specific needs.

For further information or to make an appointment, please call 07 3010 5744.

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