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Inpatient services

Mater Health and Wellness occupational therapists offer inpatient services to Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, Mater Mothers' Private Brisbane and Mater Children's Private Brisbane patients for a variety of conditions.

You can arrange for an occupational therapy visit by speaking to your doctor or the ward nurse looking after you.

As an inpatient, a referral to occupational therapy is usually included as a part of your hospital admission and the costs covered by your health fund. Additional costs may be required for consumable items such as relaxation therapy CDs and garments for oedema management.

Mater Private Hospital Brisbane

Mater Mothers' Private Brisbane

Mater Children's Private Brisbane

Occupational therapists at Mater are available to work with you and your child. Our aim is to help children do what they want to do and/or need to do in their daily lives. We are available to meet children:

  • before admission to hospital
  • during admission 
  • after admission.

We can support children’s participation in their daily activates by helping to reduce or prevent the impact of being in hospital. We can help children:

  • Cope with medical treatments and the environment e.g. having blood tests, or taking medications.
  • Work out ways to help cope with pain.
  • Understand and adjust to their illness or treatment e.g. using play, dolls or pictures and age appropriate ways to explain.
  • Work with you to support your child to improve their skills that are required for task success e.g. fine motor skills.
  • By changing the environment (either physical or social) to encourage success.  Minimising the impact of an injury on their function e.g. splinting and scar management.
  • Supporting their development e.g. helping a baby to use their hands when playing with toys.


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