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Occupational Therapy

New parents

Becoming a parent is a big change. Sometimes we may find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by all the adjustments. Occupational therapists provide a variety of interventions designed to help you 'keep your feet on the ground' as you move into the new stage of ‘you and your baby’ - feeling able to take care of yourself so you can do your parenting job. We focus on:

  • self-care—recovering from distress related to the birth experience, juggling competing demands, getting to sleep, managing information, managing anxiety and worries, and planning your day if your baby is in need of special care.
  • baby care—helping parents learn about baby’s responses and behaviours when baby is in the neonatal nursery. Recognising and responding sensitively to your baby’s cues during cares, procedures and cuddle time helps baby cope better and facilitates bonding and development.
  • ongoing health conditions/disability—managing parenting with additional challenges e.g. arthritis, mobility restrictions, epilepsy, mental health conditions.
  • hand therapy—for conditions impacting on your ability to care for yourself and your baby e.g. Carpal Tunnel, de Quervains tenosynovitis.

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