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Outpatient services

Mater Health and Wellness occupational therapists offer outpatient services to patients for a variety of conditions.

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Adult services

Women's services

Children's services

Occupational therapy provides assessment, treatment and consultation services to children and families. Occupational therapists work with children of all ages and consider needs within everyday situations and settings including:

  • early childhood
  • school
  • home
  • community.

Occupational therapists support the child, his/her family and their teachers to develop skills and confidence in areas such as:

  • infant development
  • behaviour
  • learning development
  • handwriting
  • attention and concentration
  • self-organisation
  • fine motor skills e.g. drawing, cutting, play
  • play and social development e.g. getting along with peers
  • personal care e.g. toileting, dressing.

If you are uncertain what your child may benefit from, you can first book a parent-only session with the occupational therapist to discuss which services would best suit you and your child’s needs.

Current services being offered through the Mater Health and Wellness Clinic include:


Level 1, Mater Corporate

Services Building

Raymond Terrace

South Brisbane Qld 4101



Adult Services

Cancer Care and Lymphedema Service

Disability Support Services

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Paediatric Services

Podiatry services

Telehealth Services

Women’s Health


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