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Scott Anderson

  • Certificates III and IV in Business
  • Diploma in Business Management

Scott has several years’ experience in customer service and over 25 years’ experience in the health care industry. He has worked for Mater Health Services for over 20 years, including 12 years in administrative, supervisory and management positions. Scott’s role as Coordinator of Clinic Services covers a wide range of clinics across the Mater campus, including Mater Health and Wellness. He encourages staff to provide exceptional service to our clients. He also provides professional guidance and support to all the staff within his areas of responsibility.

Scott works closely with Amy Beauclerc to ensure the smooth operation of Mater Health and Wellness, supporting and mentoring the administration staff.



Amy Beauclerc

  • Certificate IV in Business

Amy has eleven years of experience in customer service and has worked at Mater Health Services for nearly five years. In her role as Acting Administrative Supervisor for Mater Health and Wellness and the  Division of Allied Health, Amy is responsible for the supervision and management of administrative staff, ensuring that an efficient and effective service is provided to both internal and external clients.

Her day to day duties involve  the resolution of operational issues, including  both urgent and complex problems and the management of rosters including the reallocation of staff  to cover sick leave as required. Amy also provides advice and guidance to staff around processes and procedures, offering suggestions for improvement when required. She continually explores ways to enhance service performance and to motivate staff to achieve high work standards and follows up on any concerns brought forward by clinical staff.


Gabrielle Blair

  • Diploma of Beauty
  • Diploma of Business

Gabrielle has worked as an administrative officer for allied health departments for a number of years, both at Mater Health Services and in other organisations. She has a strong focus on customer service, and enjoys working with clients and clinicians across a number of disciplines.

During her time at Mater Health Services, Gabrielle has developed a sound knowledge and good understanding of the clinicians’ skills and the services which Mater Health and Wellness offers. After establishing the client’s needs, she will make an appointment with the most appropriate skilled clinician. To help clients receive optimal care, she will then work closely with the clients and clinicians to manage any future appointments, services and clinical resources, which may be required.


Jacquin_Sheila_63578.jpgSheila Jacquin

Sheila has worked in the health care industry for more than 25 years, and has been at Mater Health and Wellness for over six years.

Sheila manages the daily operation and administrative management of the clinic, looking after 30 clinicians across eight allied health disciplines for adults, maternity and paediatric clients.

Sheila helps clients determine which clinician and appointment type is appropriate for their personal requirements, so they receive optimal, individualised treatment.


Susan O'Shea 

Susan has extensive experience as a qualified hairdresser and administrative officer and has developed excellent customer service skills throughout her career.

As an administrative officer at Mater Health and Wellness, Susan takes pride in her client focussed service, from first contact to discharge.  She works with the clients and clinicians to establish optimal appointment times for clients and matches the most suitable clinician to the client’s needs. Susan also manages billing, ordering of equipment and resources and the day to day operation of the Health and Wellness clinic. 


Level 1, Mater Corporate

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