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Sheridan Guyatt

Sheridan Guyatt is a physiotherapist with 20 years of experience in musculoskeletal and women’s health physiotherapy. She has worked specifically in a women’s health role across both hospital and private practise settings here in Queensland and also in Tasmania.

Sheridan is passionate about promoting health and wellness during pregnancy, postnatally and beyond including treating patients with pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain and pelvic girdle pain as well as optimising recovery after pregnancy and childbirth. She is actively involved in teaching classes as well as individual patient consultations both in the Mater Mothers’ Hospital and Mater Health and Wellness clinic.


Belinda Long

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Registered with Physiotherapy Board of Australia
  • Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Member of the Continence and Women's Health Special Interest group of the APA
  • Qualified Pilates Instructor

Belinda graduated from the University of Queensland and soon developed a passion for working in women's health, whilst working at Mater hospitals. She is currently completing her post graduate certificate in Exercise and Women's Health through the University of Melbourne.

Belinda has over five years of experience in working with both antenatal and postnatal women to help achieve optimal health and wellness. She has a particular interest in antenatal and postnatal exercise classes, infant massage and assisting women to achieve their goals through pregnancy and beyond.


Kate Tavendale

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Registered with Physiotherapy Board of Queensland
  • Post Graduate Certificate, Continence and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
  • Member of the Continence Foundation of Australia (CFA)
  • Member of International Continence Society (ICS)
  • Qualified Pilates Instructor

Kate graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy and quickly developed a special interest in women's health whilst working in Tasmania. She has since completed her post graduate certificate in Continence and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation through the University of Melbourne.

Kate has over four years of experience in treating pelvic floor dysfunction. This includes the assessment and management of bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction.


Leisa ReynoldsReynolds_Leisa_60948---web.jpg

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Registered with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia
  • Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)
  • Committee Member of the APA Continence and Women's Health Special Interest Group

Leisa graduated from the University of Queensland in 1997 and developed an interest in women’s health while working in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy private practice in Sydney in 2002. Leisa moved from Sydney to Brisbane for the opportunity to specialise in women’s Health full time in 2007.

Leisa has a passion for assisting women with pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain, improving their tummy postnatally, as well as assisting antenatal and postnatal women achieve optimal outcomes through their pregnancy.  


Ruhmann_Kirsten_55920.JPGKristen Ruhmann

Kristen Ruhmann has over 18 years of experience as a physiotherapist both in Australia and abroad, and has specialised in women’s health for the past nine years. Kristen has a special interest in lumbo-pelvic stability and pre and post-natal fitness.

As a part of the Mater Mothers’ Hospitals Physiotherapy team, Kristen provides specialised care of postnatal women, where she has further developed her knowledge and skills in the areas of baby handling and baby massage education for women and their families. Kristen also teaches mother-baby exercise, pregnancy exercise and pregnancy Pilates classes.

Kristen aims to provide women with specialised physiotherapy care and education to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Sara Saal

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Honours class 1, University Medal
  • Registered with Physiotherapy Board of Australia
  • Advanced Dry Needling Qualifications

Sara’s clinical area of special interest is in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy.

Since graduating from University of Queensland, St Lucia in 2008, Sara has spent the past four years working in both hospital and private practice settings.

Sara is a current national level swimmer. Sara aims not only to treat the presenting injury but also to aid patients in injury prevention, including designing targeted and sport-specific exercise programs for the both the athlete and non-athlete.


Jaime SingletonSingleton_Jaime_64425---web.jpg

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Registered with Physiotherapy Board of Australia
  • Qualified DMA Clinical Pilates Instructor (Levels 1-4)

Jaime graduated from the University of Queensland in 2006, and has worked in both private practice and hospital settings throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast, with main focus on women’s health, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and exercise therapy.

She developed a passion for antenatal and postnatal wellbeing while studying at university and has continued this passion on with her work at Mater hospitals for the last five years. While at Mater hospitals, Jaime has also been a clinical educator for undergraduate students from a range of different universities.

Jaime is currently studying a Post Graduate Certificate in Exercise and Women's Health through Melbourne Univeristy, as well as studying a Masters in Human Nutrition through Deakin University, with plans to combine this further knowledge with her current practice. Jaime has a particular interest in antenatal and postnatal exercise classes (especially Pilates), as well as assessment and treatment of varying musculoskeletal conditions concerning women, incuding the use of Dry Needling.


Megan Reading

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPhty 1993)
  • Bachelor of Human Movement Studies (BHMS 1992)
  • Associate Diploma Speech and Drama (ATCL 1991)
  • Registered Physiotherapist (AHPRA)

Megan graduated from the University of Queensland in 1993. She has developed a special interest in the physiotherapy treatment of children and newborns and has worked within this setting for nearly 20 years. Megan has worked in both the hospital setting and outpatient/private services. She has worked with a diverse range of paediatric clients, and has developed diverse skills and expertise in working with babies and children with developmental delay or neurological conditions. She has worked extensively with the neonatal and premature infant populations, to assist with their motor and sensory development.

Megan has attended a wide range of postgraduate training relating to the assessment and treatment of paediatric conditions. She has also been involved in research projects. She works within a multidisciplinary framework and regularly liaises with other professionals to ensure the best outcomes for her clients. Megan’s treatment philosophy is holistic and family centred, aimed at reaching maximum potential through play and activities incorporated into daily life.


Lizelle Miller

  • Bachelor of Science Physiotherapy
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Continence

Lizelle has been working as a Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist for 15 years. She has gained wide experience in the United Kingdom and then relocated to Australia where she furthered her interest and skill in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. Lizelle is passionate about achieving the best possible outcomes for her clients though a holistic approach. She provides treatment for both women and men with pelvic floor dysfunction.


Janene Steains

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy;
  • Registered with Physiotherapy Board of Australia;
  • Member Women's Health Training Institute;
  • Qualified in Pilates and Hydrotherapy.

Janene graduated from the University of Sydney and has worked in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland over the last 25 years. Work areas include private practise as well as both public and private hospital settings. Over the last 20 years Janene has focussed on women's health physiotherapy, with a focus on pelvic floor dysfunction.

Areas of focus include bladder and bowel dysfunction (including incontinence) pelvic pain, prolapse management, ante/postnatal pelvic floor management and sexual dysfunction.

Janene has also over many years provided input to the male population before and after prostate surgery specific to pelvic floor rehabilitation.


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