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Cancer Care Service

Mater Health and Wellness provides quality private support services from an experienced team of allied health professionals. Services assist patients and their carers during cancer care and recovery.

Mater Health and Wellness staff are recognised providers with private health funds and Medicare rebates for services are applicable in some cases.


Audiologists are available to assist you should the following issues arise:

  • Deterioration in hearing in one or both ears
  • Difficulty communicating due to reduced hearing
  • Increase in tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ear)
  • Balance problems (vertigo/dizziness)
  • Hearing impairment due to side effect of some cancer medications

Nutrition and dietetics 

Nutrition coaching to help optimise your diet during or after cancer treatment. We can provide support to manage symptoms common with cancer treatment such as nausea, taste or bowel changes and appetite loss to optimise your nutritional intake.


A psychologist is available to offer support and interventions for cancer related issues such as

  • adjusting to a diagnosis of cancer and coping with stressors related to treatment
  • low mood and anxiety related to cancer and its treatment
  • chronic and acute pain management
  • health changing behaviours such as increasing motivation to exercise and having a healthy diet
  • fear of cancer recurrence and survivorship issues
  • personal growth- building self -esteem and confidence, identifying values and beliefs.


Physiotherapists who specialise in cancer rehabilitation can assist you with the following

  • maintaining and improving mobility , strength and balance
  • exercise and hobbies – what exercise or activity you can safely perform and how much you should do
  • muscle tightness, scar adhesions, cording and postural changes following surgery
  • fatigue – modified exercise and activity can help your energy levels
  • joint and muscle stiffness and aches
  • bladder and bowel control
  • peripheral neuropathy (altered sensations in your feet and hands)

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists can assist you with the following:

  • anxiety related to your treatment e.g. having needles or chemotherapy
  • treatment of cancer symptoms such as fatigue, weakness or pain, memory and attention issues that are impacting on your ability to engage with meaningful activities such as self-care, leisure, social and work
  • sleep disturbance
  • assessment and guidance regarding the use of aids and equipment that make tasks easier and safer, supporting your independence and quality of life.

Speech Pathology

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy may lead to difficulty swallowing and other oral side effects. Speech pathology services include:

  • assessment and rehabilitation of swallow function
  • provision of strategies to make swallowing safer
  • advice about the safest food and fluid textures when experiencing swallowing difficulties
  • assistance and advice with maintaining oral hygiene and comfort
  • assistance with communication difficulties related to voice, speech and language
  • provision of strategies/exercises to maintain optimal swallow function during and after treatment

Lymphoedema Management

Lymphoedema or swelling of the limbs may be a side effect of cancer treatment. Accredited lymphoedema therapists can assist you by:

  • assessing the affected limb(s)/body part(s)
  • providing education regarding lymphoedema and potential complications
  • providing tailored treatments including massage, compression bandaging, skin care, wound care, exercise, laser, kinesiotape and compression pump
  • providing education and training self-management of your oedema
  • fitting off the shelf and custom compression garments.

Allied health offer a range of individual and group wellness programs to support you in maintaining your quality of life during and after your cancer treatment.

These include:

  • mindfulness based stress reduction
  • memory and attention enhancement
  • relaxation
  • exercise

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