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Cancer and Survivorship Services

Before and during cancer treatment services

  • Exercise prescription: Exercise assessment and tailored exercise prescription program to counteract the adverse effects of cancer and its treatment. We offer individual and group support, access to gym and flexible services including telehealth and home visiting
  • Nutrition: Optimise nutrition and assist with barriers to dietary intake, such as symptoms common with cancer treatment. Examples include appetite loss, nausea, taste changes, and altered bowels
  • Emotional wellbeing: Psychologists available to support you with:
    • adjusting to a diagnosis of cancer and coping with stressors related to treatment
    • low mood and anxiety related to cancer and its treatment
    • chronic and acute pain management
    • health changing behaviours such as increasing motivation to exercise and having a healthy diet
  • Occupational therapists are available to support you with anxiety you may be experienced that is related to your treatment e.g. having needles or chemotherapy
  • Cognitive and memory wellbeing: Assessment and management of memory and attention issues that are impacting on your ability to engage with meaningful activities such as self-care, leisure, social and work
  • Physical symptom management: Assessment  and treatment for presentations e.g:
    • Decreased sensation and balance, pain when moving a joint, stiffness, swelling (physiotherapy)
    • Oedema/ lymphoedema (Occupational Therapy)
  • Voice or swallowing concerns (Speech Pathology)
  • Hearing concerns (Audiology)
  • Continence symptom management (bowel and bladder): Specialist physiotherapy support and treatment for women and men

Survivorship services

  • Emotional survivorship: Psychologists available to support:
    • fear of cancer recurrence and survivorship issues
    • personal growth- building self -esteem and confidence, identifying values and beliefs
  • Occupational therapist available to support:
    • Mindfulness programs to support you build your capacity to return to life including family, leisure and work responsibilities
  • Return to healthy weight and nourishment services
  • Rehabilitation of voice, swallow
  • Rehabilitation of balance and physical condition
  • Return to work readiness
    • Memory/attention
    • Driving
    • Hearing assessment

Request an appointment and discuss our fee’s

To access our cancer support and survivorship services, simply complete our online appointment request form and one of our staff members will contact you to set up your appointment to best meet your needs.

Medicare rebates

  • Discuss with your GP a chronic disease management plan to access up to a total of five services in a calendar year (rebate $52.95) for one or a mix of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology and dietitian services
  • Discuss with your GP a mental health management treatment plan to access up to a total of 10 services in a calendar year. Rebate $124.50 for a clinical psychologist or $84.80 psychologist

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