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Allied health services to treat and mange Continence and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction for Women, Men and Youth

Continence problems and pelvic floor dysfunction are extremely common, with more than four million Australians regularly experiencing leakage from the bladder or bowel. Depending on your condition and what you aim to achieve, there are a number of treatment and management options available.

Mater Health and Wellness provides a range of specialised bowel and bladder continence services for people of all ages, including physiotherapy, dietician services and occupational therapy. Our multi-disciplinary team of experienced allied health specialists can help you manage or treat your symptoms of bowel or bladder continence by providing expert advice and support around diet, exercise, stress, and lifestyle as well as emotional and mental health support.


We provide specialised physiotherapy services to support women who experience:

  • pelvic floor weakness after giving birth
  • pelvic pain and trauma post vaginal birth

Our team of highly experienced physiotherapists can support men, women and youth with bowel or bladder continence who experience:

  • stress incontinence (loss of urine with coughing/sneezing/laughing)
  • urge incontinence (loss of urine associated with overwhelming urge to pass urine)
  • urinary frequency (passing urine more often than usual)
  • prolapse (POP – pelvic organ prolapse – sense of heaviness in vagina, tissue protruding through vagina)
  • obstructed defaecation (difficulty emptying bowels or constipation)
  • functional constipation in youth or young children
  • faecal incontinence  (accidental loss of stool).

Dietitian services

Mater Health and Wellness has a qualified team of dietitians who can provide dietary recommendations and nutrition advice to treat or manage the symptoms of
• food allergies or intolerances
• irritable bowel syndrome
• bowel symptoms such as constipation

Occupational Therapy

Mater Health and wellness offers occupational therapy services to support clients with anxiety and other emotional health concerns.

Is Mater Health and Wellness open to the public?

Mater Health and Wellness is open to members of the public as well as Mater staff and patients. No referrals are necessary.


You can request an appointment online or contact the clinic on 07 3163 6000 for more information about our specialised bowel and bladder continence services.

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