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Private paediatric health services for kindergarten, prep or school aged children

Mater Health and Wellness is open to the general public and offers a range of specialised, private health and wellness services to support families who have concerns or require specialist support with their child’s learning and development, including:

  • improving their stability, movement, mobility, posture, balance or coordination
  • learning new motor skills
  • developing play and fine motor skills
  • management of continence and assistance with toileting skills
  • sensitivities to sensory information such as touch or sound
  • speech clarity and language development concerns such as late talking, struggling to say specific sounds, putting together sentences or stuttered speech
  • following instructions
  • reading and literacy
  • behaviour or social/emotional difficulties
  • nutrition and fussy feeding routines,
  • transitioning from tube/peg feeding to oral feeding  

Care is provided by a multidisciplinary team of paediatric trained audiologists, dietitians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and speech pathologists. No referral is required to access our paediatric health services.

We partner with all of our families to ensure therapeutic assessment and clinical services are working towards achieving your goals.  Services are delivered at our centre, in your home or child’s school and by one or more team members at a time. Families, carers and teachers can also access selected services via telehealth.


Our paediatric audiologist performs hearing tests or central auditory processing assessments to diagnose hearing loss and listening difficulties in children, and will develop a management plan based on your child’s individual needs.


Our accredited paediatric dietitian can provide personalised diet and nutritional support to families with children who have allergies or intolerances, weight management difficulties or fussy feeding routines.

Occupational Therapy

If your child experiences sensitivity to sensory information or you are concerned with their development, our occupational therapists can help your child improve their everyday life skills such as playing, socialising and making friends, feeding, getting dressed, confidentially going to the toilet or developing their fine motor skills. We work closely with parents and families to help them better understand their child and support them to overcome challenges they face.

Speech Pathology

If you have concerns about your child’s speech or communication development, Mater Health and Wellness offers high quality assessment and therapy services to assist young children to:

  • talk more confidently
  • improve their speech clarity and language development
  • develop and improve their reading, writing and spelling.

Our paediatric speech pathologists work closely with parents, families and teachers so they can help with your child’s learning and development at home and at school so your child stays focused, motivated and excited in between visits.

We also treat babies and toddlers who experience difficulties with swallowing and chewing.


Through consultations, excercise, education and providing aids where needed, our physiotherapists can assist your child to improve their strength, stability, movement, mobility, posture, balance or coordination to allow them to reach key developmental milestones and improve their overall health and wellbeing. 


Appointments for our private allied health services for babies and toddlers can be made by completing our online appointment request form, or by calling the clinic on 07 3163 6000


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