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Treatment and rehabilitation services for work or sport injuries

Mater Health and Wellness is conveniently located in South Brisbane and provides a range of services to help you recover from a work or sport injury including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, psychology and dietician services. No referral is required.

As a multi-disciplinary clinic, we work together to customise a treatment and a rehabilitation programme to help you return to work or sport safely and prevent your injuries from recurring in future.

We are registered to provide WorkCover, DVA, Medicare Chronic Disease Management and Mental Health plan services. HICAPS is available for on the spot private health and Medicare rebates.


Our expertly trained physiotherapists deliver a range of treatments including:

  • mobilisation  techniques to restore function
  • rehabilitation programs to restore function including individual and small group rehabilitation classes
  • pain relief techniques including massage, dry needling, stretching and taping
  • strengthening programs at the on-site gym or pool

Your physiotherapist will do a comprehensive, hands-on assessment of your movement and injury at your first appointment and will develop a personalised treatment and recovery program. If required, your physiotherapist may also refer you to see other specialists within Mater Health and Wellness as part of your ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.

Occupational Therapy

Mater Health and Wellness specialises in hand therapy and scar management and our dedicated hand therapist provides hand therapy services to treat and rehabilitate injuries in the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder.

Our qualified and accredited therapists provide expert advice and education on splinting and bandaging of injuries, scar management, wound care, exercises as well as preparing you to return back to work or sport.

We also provide support for the management of lymphoedema (swelling of certain parts of the body caused by the accumulation of excessive amounts of fluid due to issues with the lymphatic system).


Our team of podiatrists can assess and treat foot injuries and if required we can refer you to other members of the Mater Health and Wellness team as part of your treatment. If you require orthotics, then our team can prescribe and fit orthotics onsite.

We also care for common foot conditions such as ingrown nails, bunions, corns and can also assist with foot problems associated with chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Post-surgery or illness rehabilitation

Mater Health and Wellness provides additional services onsite at our clinic at the Mater South Brisbane campus to help clients with rehabilitation post-surgery and illness including:


Our specialists can assist with balance and hearing assessments.

Speech Pathology

Speech pathologists can provide expert guidance and support to swallowing assessment and improve speech and reading skills as part of your rehabilitation and recovery from serious injuries and illnesses.

Occupational Therapy

Our qualified and accredited occupational therapists provide a range of services to rehabilitate patients post-surgery and illness including splinting and bandaging of injuries, scar management and support for the management of lymphoedema.


One of our highly trained physiotherapists will work closely with you during your post-surgery or post illness rehabilitation to assess your condition and map out a personalised treatment and rehabilitation program to reduce pain, improve strength and range of movement in order to achieve your recovery goals. Your physiotherapist can also provide expert advice, education and support to help you return to work or recreational activity safely.


Appointments for work and sport Injury and rehabilitation services can be made by completing our online appointment request form, or by calling the clinic on 07 3163 6000

Is Mater Health and Wellness open to the public?

Mater Health and Wellness provides private allied health services to the general public as well Mater patients and staff, with no referral required. 

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